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Maithili Project

Lavon Drive is a strategic partner in the Pray for the Maithili missions project. As one of the founding churches of the Maithili Alliance, our church has had a large part in reaching this unreached people group. Located in northern India, the Maithili people are a people group in the 10/40 window that up till recently had never heard about Christ. LDBC has been involved with planting churches through church planters, providing hundreds of Proclaimers, a special device that runs on electricity, battery or solar power that is capable of broadcasting the Gospel in their native language to groups as large as 300. In addition to the Gospel of John being translated into their language, the Proclaimers have been a key component in the strategic reaching of this unreached people group.

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  • The Maithili Alliance $5,000

    Lavon Drive continues its partnership with the Maithili Alliance to engage this unreached people group by raising up indigenous church planters to carry the Gospel to the nearly 35 million inhabitants of the Bihar state of India. In addition to funding the work of the church planters, we are also providing resources to distribute audio Proclaimers containing the Scriptures in the native Maithili language. As the Scriptures were only recently completed in the Maithili language, this is cutting-edge ministry with the ability to change the fabric of the Maithili culture for Christ.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Train local pastors to carry the Gospel throughout the region
    • Distribute Proclaimers, allowing the Scriptures to be heard in remote locations
    • Impact the nearly 35 million inhabitants of Northern India who are mostly Hindu
  • Panama Feeding Center $5,000

    In 2010, Lavon Drive Baptist Church partnered with Mana Worldwide to open a feeding center in the city of David, Panama. Each day, the center provides both physical and spiritual sustenance to children in the Las Lomas neighborhood, providing a platform from which the Gospel can be presented. Most recently, Lavon Drive funded the construction of a security fence and playground for the center.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Feed 35-45 children daily
    • Give Bible lessons at every meal
  • Jewish Missions $4,000

    Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
The message of Salvation was first made available to the Jews, and they have always been the chosen people of God. Yet so many continue to deny that their Messiah has come to save them. Perhaps one of the most challenging mission endeavors in the world is the evangelization of the Jews. Our goal is to assist in the establishment of two churches – one in Milwaukee, one in New York – that specifically target Jews with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Invest in two church plants targeting Jewish populations
    • Make a difference for the 98% of Jews who are not Christians
  • GIC Missionaries $4,000

    While we do not necessarily take on each of our GIC missionaries for monthly support, it is our goal to provide a one-time financial contribution to each family in addition to the special gifts they receive during the GIC event.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Provide the resources to send out our GIC Missionaries
    • Support these missionaries without impacting the main Missions Fund
  • Friendship House $1,000

    Friendship House, a benevolence ministry sponsored by First Baptist Church of Garland, in conjunction with local churches and community organizations, was organized in 1977 to help meet the physical needs of those who were out of work, physically disabled or low income for a variety of reasons and circumstances. With the help of many volunteers, it reaches out to as many as 175 families per week.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Support one of Garland’s most effective Christian charities
    • Nourish our community physically and spiritually
    • Better serve those who come to our church needing food and assistance
  • Prestonwood Pregnancy Center $1,000

    In a culture that challenges women with unplanned pregnancies to seek the convenience of an abortion, there is a greater need than ever for Christian organizations to provide a loving, Biblical alternative. The Prestonwood Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy tests, sonograms, classes, and support groups at no charge.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Save lives by encouraging women against abortion
    • Demonstrate the love of Christ to women going through the challenge of unplanned pregnancy
    • Provide counseling for those who’ve had abortions
  • Across the Street Projects $10,000

    There are billions of people around the world who need to hear the Good News, and tens of thousands of them are right here in our backyard! While we do a great job of reaching thousands through the bus ministry, we need to be more effective in reaching our drive-in demographic. Part of our goal in 2013 is to step up our presence here in the community with ministry events that will meet the need’s of today’s families, coupled with promotional campaigns to get the word out.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Promote several new events throughout the year to our local community
    • Re-vamp the church’s web site
    • Provide various resources to increase our visibility within the community
  • Special Mission Projects $5,000

    Throughout the year, opportunities arise for us to contribute to the work of God in our world. From supporting a missionary to buying equipment for a mission project to providing scholarships for students to take mission trips, there are many needs that arise throughout the year which are funded via the GIC Special Mission Projects fund.

    You offering will allow us to:

    • Support sudden needs that arise within our missionary family
    • Take on special projects that arise throughout the year