Global Impact Celebration

Our Strategy


The Jerusalem Team’s focus is on the church and surrounding areas, letting the neighborhood know about our church.


Establishing on-campus Outreach ‘Bridge Events’ to reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Some of the past events sponsored by the Jerusalem Ministry:

Friend Day

  • Special church service with Evangelist Tim Lee
  • Over 400 guests and visitors
  • Special emphasis to reach parents of Bus Ministry riders
  • Most important: Over 200 adults walked the aisle for salvation

First Responder’s Day

  • Special day to honor firefighters, EMS and police officers
  • Guest speaker, Danny Hubble, chaplain of San Antonio Police & Fire Departments
  • $50 gift card to a local restaurant given to each First Responder
  • Special recognition given to Garland Mayor, City Council Members and county commissioners
  • Intensive follow-up program for all the visited the services.

Ginger Millermon Concert

  • Wonderful music and testimony
  • Pro-Life Emphasis
  • Media Blitz
  • KCBI and KTXG advertisement
  • Posters across the city
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Over 200 guests attended
  • Most important: Two decisions for Christ

Babbie Mason Concert

  • Summer Concert
  • Classic Car Show
  • Classic TV shows, snacks and games
  • Media Blitz
  • 7000 door hangers placed around the city
  • KCBI and KTXG advertisement
  • Posters across the city
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Over 500 visitors
  • Most important: 9 decisions for Christ

Shoe Drive for Orphans (Sole-d Out)

  • Sponsored by Buckner Shoes for Orphaned Souls and 91.7 KVTT The Truth
  • LDBC gathered over 400 pairs of shoes for orphans all over the world
  • 20 of our teens with adults volunteered for the event to sort and pack shoes

Global Focus Personalization Process

  • Purpose: Affirm your spiritual gifts and personality blend to assist in finding your ministry role
  • Find your fit – inside ministry and outside Ministry
  • Apply your spiritual gifts and talents
  • Avoid discontentedness – get and stay plugged-in
  • Recognize that “God doesn’t always call the qualified, but He always qualifies the called!”


The Judaea Team reaches out into the greater Dallas area.
So far, the Judea Team has Engaged in the following Ministries:

  • Meet the Troops
  • DART Outreach
  • Dallas Life Foundation
  • Friendship House
  • Acts of Kindness Campaign
  • Pro-Life Outreach
  • Meet the Troops – D/FW airport – Greet the troops coming home from Afghanistan; pass out “goody” bags and Bibles
  • DART Outreach – DART stations – Hand out tracts and one on one witnessing/evangelism
  • Dallas Life Foundation – Downtown Dallas – Serve breakfast, prepare lunch, pass out tracts, witness and provide any other help which is needed
  • Friendship House – Garland – Provide non-perishable food and household items for distribution
  • Acts of Kindness Campaign – DFW – An annual campaign: Perform random acts of kindness for those in the community
  • Pro-Life Outreach – Dallas – Visit Abortion clinics, hand out tracts, council with people who have appointments

The Results God has given:

  • 70 people saved through the Dart Outreach and over 4000 tracks handed out
  • 5 saved through Dallas Life and over 600 tracks handed out
  • 1 person saved, 15 people turned back from abortion clinic and 150 tracks handed out through the Pro-Life Outreach
  • Over 1000 tracks, cd’s, and Bibles handed out through Meet The Troops
  • Over 800 acts of kindness cards handed out in the community
  • Over 1000 miscellaneous tracks handed out in Garland alone


The Samaria Team works with missions and outreach into the United States and border towns.

Area of Responsibility

  • North America and Border Towns
  • Ministry Targets
  • New Church Starts
  • Children’s Homes
  • Youth Camps

Uttermost Parts

The Uttermost Parts of the Earth Team covers the ministries and missions that extend to any and all countries, the ends of the Earth.

Ministries that Lavon Drive supports:

  • Over 60 Missionary Families
  • Five Mission Organizations
  • Two Christian Colleges
  • Two Evangelistic Ministries
  • One Christian Radio Ministry
  • One Legal Missionary Organization
  • One Mission Bible Institute
  • One Mission Children’s Home
  • Two New Church Ministries
  • One Pregnancy Crisis Center
  • One Rescue Mission

The Uttermost Parts of the Earth also plans and executes short-term mission trips. In the last several years, over 80 adult Lavon Drive members and 100 teenagers have taken numerous missions trips covering numerous countries.

Recent trips include trips to:

  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • East Asia
  • Dominican Republic
  • South Africa
  • Ivory Coast
  • India