Baggage Check

Baggage Check

Pastor Robby Greene is beginning this series to help our church recognize that we all need to have a Baggage Check.  This series will be a benefit regardless if you are a new believer or have been a believer for years.

"It's Time to Check Your Bag"
January 6

Are you carrying extra baggage?  Some of it needs to be shared, some of it just needs to be stopped, BUT ALL of it needs to be surrendered to Jesus!

"Unpacking Fear"
January 13

Are you driving fear, or is it driving you?  Many times we don't even recognize it.  It can paralyze us, and give us false limits.  However, we have the power to OVERCOME IT!

"Don't Carry Baggage Alone"
January 20

Are you trying to do life alone?  We weren't meant to be isolated, but we tend to isolate our problems and don't utilize the community we have around us for help.  Live in COMMUNITY!

"Unloading Excess Baggage"
January 27

Are you living your life based on what others think?  Satan hurts us all by adding to our baggage because we want to fit in.  But who are you in Christ?  In Christ you are FREE!