Pastor Robby Greene is beginning this series to coordinate with the Invite Your One initiative.  This series will continue to give us scriptural context on why we need to have an outward focused mindset.  Eternity exists for everyone, but the real question is where they will spend it.  We should have a genuine burden for the lost, and this series will help to give us all a "Greater" understanding why.

"A Greater Work"
John 14:12-14
March 17

Who is your one?  A "greater work" begins with just one.  If everyone reached one, then a great work would multiply rapidly.

"No Greater Time than Right Now"
Luke 10:1-3
March 24

What does God want you to DO right now? Luke 10:3 makes it clear: Now go!  What is your level or urgency?  The time of salvation for the lost is now!

"A Greater Church"
Romans 12:3-5
March 31

How can we help to build a greater church?  The more "ones" a church adds, the more humble & diverse a church becomes.  This creates a much more gifted church, which is greater for God's Kingdom!

"The Great Responsibility"
Matthew 28:16-20
April 7

Why did Jesus command us to do the Great Commission?  The privileges of God's love come with the responsibility for all nations.  You do the Great Commission as an act of worship.