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Fellowship Meal

The Fellowship Meal is a great way to meet and fellowship with other members of Lavon Drive Baptist Church. It is held every Wednesday at 5:30pm from early September through the end of May. A complete meal for just $5.00 for adults (or $3.50 for the baked potato option.) Meals include a salad, dessert, and drink. Meals for children ages 4-10 are $3.00, while children under 3 eat for free.

Reservation forms are provided and collected on Sunday during worship. All cancellations must be called no later than 12:00pm each Tuesday.

Join us this Wednesday for a delicious meal in the Garland Room! We look forward to seeing you there!

Fellowship Meal reservations can be made until Tuesday at noon for the Wednesday Fellowship Meal. Reservations reopen on Thursday morning for the following week.

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