Sunday School

Every Sunday we meet at 9:30 at various locations around the campus. From babies to senior adults, and everyone in between. No matter who you are, there is a class for you.

Pursuit | Bill Oats
Upstairs Coleman Center Room 214

Looking for a unique experience in an adult Bible Study Class? Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:30 and discover Truth for yourself as we study God’s Word together.This class includes couples as well as singles. Ages range from couples with young children through those with grandchildren.Pursue a deeper study of God’s Word with us to understand His precepts, promises and purposes. Amazing things happen in the lives of believers as they study the Word of God inductively. See you Sunday!

Auditorium Class | Russ Davis
Main Auditorium

This class has been one of the foundational Sunday School Classes of the LDBC. The teaching in this class is probably less specific as to gender and age group related issues due to the significant diversity in the class. The people love the teaching of God’s Word and welcome visitors to be a part of this solid Sunday School ministry.

Crusader Class | Dr. John McCartt
Coleman Center – Room 101 B

Approximately 70 middle age adults attend the Crusader Class. The teacher is Dr. John McCartt, the Missions Pastor. Lessons vary from practical topical lesson to chapter by chapter in-depth studies of the books of the Bible. Fellowship groups provide relationships and often exciting travel events.

Victory Class | Ron Richey
Coleman Center - Room 101 A

The Victory Class is a blended group of ages and ethnic backgrounds using the master teacher forum designed to study the Scriptures in order that its truths and principles may make application in the daily life of the Christian. Come enjoy the fellowship and life changing insights from the Word of God.

Homebuilders Class | Ron Richmond
Coleman Center – Room 109

The Homebuilders Class offers a relaxed atmosphere for learning God’s word. Our priority is to be sure all know the message of salvation and learn to put God first in our lives, homes and daily living. We have a diverse class with various ages and backgrounds which make all feel welcome. Please bring your family and join us for breakfast and fellowship before Sunday School at 9:10 a.m.

Cornerstone Bible Class | Dan Cole
Coleman Center – Room 203

The principle goal of the Cornerstone Bible Class is to study the principles and meaning of Scripture and apply them to our daily lives. We study a topic, a person or a book in a series format. Since the Cornerstone Class is more intimate in its size, it is very interactive where discussion is welcomed and encouraged but not required. The ages of our members vary from 30s to 50s, so if interested, please join us on Sunday. Come early for breakfast snacks, coffee, juice, and fellowship.

Kingdom Seekers Class | Keith Brock
Coleman Center – Room 107

The Kingdom Seekers Class focuses on growing individuals, marriages, and families in the Lord through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Often times Christians desire to “speak up” regarding the issues they see and hear daily but simply do not possess the knowledge and boldness associated with knowing God’s Word; the final authority regarding all things. As we study the Word of God we increase our understanding of the Scriptures and become better equipped to clearly demonstrate to a lost world that we sincerely care about their spiritual condition.

Side by Side Young Couples Class | Randy Dunlap
Coleman Center – Room 208

Building strong relationships between couples in their 20’s and 30’s is central to our fellowship. On Sunday mornings, we study a passage of Scripture together and interact with the text and each other in order to gain a clearer understanding of the Word and discover its relevance to our everyday lives. We frequently meet together for food and fun and pray for each other regularly.

Ladies Rebekah Class | Mrs. Whatley
East Wing – Room 101

The ladies of the Rebekah class enjoy discovering the truths our Lord has given us in His word to dispel fear, loneliness, and discouragement by learning how to live by the wonderful promises and encouragements with which He blesses and instructs us. It is our joy to grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. All ladies of any age are invited to meet with us.

Joyful Singles Class | Roy Capers
Coleman Center – Room 110

Joyful Singles – we have singles of all ages attend our class but mostly age 45 and above. This class is centered around the very practical application of the truth of the Holy Scriptures in our daily lives. We have an emphasis on caring and reaching out to all singles. Come to the class early at 9:20 a.m. for refreshments and fellowship.

Crossroads | Lynn Krus
Coleman Center – Room 201

This is our newest Sunday School class and is for single ladies ages 30 to 55+. Bible study by topic and book are emphasized. This class is very interactive due to its smaller size. Attendees are encouraged to grow in their faith and develop a stronger walk with the Lord.

First Steps | Pastor Robby Greene
East Wing-Room 106

First Steps is taught by our Senior Pastor, Robby Greene, to help prospective members gain a better understanding of our ministry. During this four week class, adult students discover the basic doctrinal beliefs and key ministries of Lavon Drive. Students also enjoy the opportunity to interact with Pastor Robby. Upon graduating from First Steps, Pastor will then help those students find their next Sunday School class with other adults their age who share similar interests.