Department Leader:  Ashley Winn

Believing that it is never too early to begin planting the seed of God’s Word in the heart of a child, the Safe and Sound Nursery is designed and equipped to aid parents as they begin the journey of bringing up their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” During every scheduled Sunday and Wednesday service, as well as special events, newborns through children three years of age are provided with the best care possible by the gentlest members of our congregation.

Nursery volunteers are careful to follow parents’ instructions regarding infant feeding and napping, while toddlers enjoy brightly colored classrooms, age appropriate teaching, and stimulating activities. Should a parent need to be contacted at any time, a pager is issued upon check-in of the child. Each worker and volunteer must undergo a criminal background check before being allowed to serve in the nursery. Safety is of utmost concern at all times which is demonstrated by providing our workers CPR training and basic First Aid.

Located in the East Wing first floor directly behind the Worship Center, the nursery opens fifteen minutes before each scheduled service or event. Parents are asked to pick up their children immediately following the conclusion of every service. It is the desire of our nursery staff to minister to the entire family ~ starting with its youngest members!