Bus Ministry

Bus Ministry

For over 50 years LDBC has provided Sunday transportation for hundreds of people. Each Sunday, 14 buses transport an average of 500 riders to and from Sunday School. Anyone age 4 and older may attend. Over 1 million riders have ridden the bus to Lavon Drive with thousands trusting Christ. Many former bus kids are now serving as adults in the ministry of LDBC as well as churches around the world. The Bus Ministry is directed by  Royce Taylor.



The purpose of the Bus Ministry is found in Luke 14:23 and Acts 1:8. Our desire is to reach out into the community, our Jerusalem and invite children, teens and adults to experience first hand all that Christ has to offer them. A dedicated group of over 30 workers visit routes and drive buses each Sunday with one overriding purpose: to reach people for Christ.

Facilities and Fleet

The Bus Ministry operates out of the Leetch Bus Center located at 615 East Walnut Street. Named in honor of Assistant Pastor Dick Leetch, the founder and longtime leader of the bus ministry, this facility provides ample parking for all 30 buses belonging to the church. With over 10,000 square feet of floor space, there are several bays for vehicle maintenance as well as a suite of 5 offices for the bus ministry support staff. Two separate parts storage rooms allow the church to keep on hand an abundant supply of replacement parts to keep the large fleet well maintained. All of the necessary tools, lifts and air compressors as well as bus power washing equipment and vinyl graphic sign machines allow almost all repair work to be done on site. A kitchenette and meeting area provide space for fellowship as the bus workers arrive on Sunday morning. Both the building and large fenced-in parking lot are equipped with alarms and video surveillance.

The bus fleet of LDBC is one of the largest, most modern church bus fleets in the country. All of the buses are D.O.T. inspected annually with regular vehicle maintenance scheduled as needed. LDBC and its related ministries travel over 175,000 miles annually on our buses. In 2011, the Lord answered prayer in providing a large donation in which the entire fleet of buses and maintenance vehicles were outfitted with 2-way radios. This has helped provide timely communication between all the buses and ministry leadership for every vehicle in the geographic areas served by our Bus Ministry. The bus maintenance staff not only service the buses but also provide the maintenance for all ministry vehicles. With nearly 50 ministry vehicles and trailers, as well as numerous other gas-powered equipment and tools, the Bus Center staff have a very full schedule of maintenance.


Sunday Routes

Bus service is provided in all of Garland, Sachse and Wylie as well as parts of Richardson and Northeast Dallas. For neighborhood routes, we offer to-your-door service. For those living in apartment complexes, we generally have a central pick up point. Some complexes have a Block Captain, generally a volunteer parent, that provide adult supervision until the bus arrives. Pick up times vary, but in general most routes pick up children between 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Drop-off times are generally between 12:40 and 2:45 p.m. Anyone age 4 and older may ride without a parent. For those under age 4, a parent must ride with the child to church and attend the services. To schedule a free ride to church, contact the Bus Center directly at 972-276-3939 or at buscenter@lavondrive.org


The Bus Ministry provides church services for all in attendance age 4 and older. With special classes for everyone, there a sure to be a class for every child. Mom and Dad are welcome to attend as we have dozens of parents that attend every Sunday. Parents are encouraged to attend the morning church service located in the Worship Center. For your convenience, children 2nd grade and younger are brought to the bus by the classroom teachers and/or bus captains. Riders 3rd grade and older are allowed to go to the bus by themselves but remain under adult supervision. For everyone’s safety, all riders under the age of 18 have their bus number written on their hand and are required to attend their age specific service. Children under 18 may only attend services in the Worship Center if sitting with a parent.

Special Events

Throughout the year, there are many different special events including:


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  • Pre-School ‘B’ Department Department Leader: Debbie Cawthon

    Planting the Word of God in the youngest of hearts is the desire of those who minister faithfully each week to four year olds through kindergarten children at Lavon Drive Baptist Church. For those little ones who arrive at Sunday School by bus, the Pre-school “B” Department is often the first place they are introduced to a loving God, as well as the truths of His Word.

    Upon arrival, Preschoolers are delivered to their classroom by their Bus Captain and divided into age-appropriate classes. Through simple songs, Bible verses, and crafts, as well as basic stories from the Word of God, the children are exposed to the very fundamentals of who God is and how they can know Him early in their lives. Of course, snack time and an Activity Center are favorites for Preschoolers. For the safety of the children, classes are kept together under the close watch of dedicated workers who have passed background checks and wear a picture badge for easy identification. At the end of Sunday School, Bus Captains or Sunday School workers return the children to their bus in preparation for the return trip home.

    The Preschool “B” Department is located in the Preschool Building just north of the Worship Center. Four year olds, as well as K5, meet in Rooms 1,2 and 3 Kindergarteners use Rooms 4 and 5. It is in these rooms that the “seed” of God’s Word is sown and watered in the hearts of young boys and girls each Sunday morning!

  • Primary ‘B’ Department Department Leader: Carol Cahill

    Sowing the seed of the Gospel in the heart of a child is the purpose of Primary “B” Department workers as they lay the foundation for salvation each Sunday morning. First and second graders who arrive at Lavon Drive Baptist Church by bus are exposed weekly to the basic truths of God’s Word, creating a thirst and desire to know Him in a personal and real way. For some, this is the first time they hear about God and His love for them.

    As the Primaries arrive, they are greeted by dedicated teachers eager to minister to them. After check-in, first and second graders are directed to the snack room, activity center, or craft room where they have time to “unwind” and get settled into the morning routine. For group time – consisting of familiar songs and choruses, Bible memory, lesson time, and review games – the Primaries are divided by grade. This keeps the classes smaller and more personal. All workers have passed background checks and are easy to identify by the photo identification badge worn at all times. It is their desire to plant and water the Word of God in the hearts of each first and second grader.

    The month of June presents Vacation Bible School for Primaries – always a favorite event. Monday through Thursday night the children not only hear from God’s Word and learn Bible verses, but they have a memorable time filled with adventure and excitement. Of course, throughout the year there is roller-skating, pizza parties, the “Kids’ Bucks Store,” and more to keep first and second graders wanting to come back!

    Check-in for the Primaries arriving by bus takes place in the McCartt Academy Building, located on the far north side of campus. Entry to the building is at the east end, next to the library entrance and bus parking lot. First graders check-in in the north hallway of the Academy Building, while second graders check-in in the south hallway. From there, the children are directed to their assigned room. At the close of the morning program, children are taken to their bus for the ride home.

  • Middler ‘B’ Department Department Leader: Dan Millhorn

    By the time a child reaches third and fourth grade, he or she begins to grasp the basic concept of God and His Word, yet question, “How does the Christian life pertain to me and where I am?” The Middler “B” Department desires to help third and fourth graders experience a personal relationship with a heavenly Father and encourage them in their journey with Him on a daily basis. Spiritual growth is the goal in the lives of Middlers.

    Middlers arriving by bus are directed to the second floor of the Keyes Building for check-in. From there, they are supervised in the activity room while playing pool, air hockey, etc., or they may enjoy time in the craft room, game room, or snack room. This allows the third and fourth graders time to release some energy in preparation for the lesson. Grouped together, the Middlers enjoy a time of praise and worship through song, leading into the Bible lesson, followed by the review time. Being well supervised by workers who have passed background checks and wear photo identification badges at all times creates an atmosphere conducive to the moving of the Holy Spirit in the heart of each third and fourth grader.

    Throughout the year Middlers enjoy a variety of “extra” activities. These include roller-skating, pizza parties, money cupcakes, the “Kids’ Bucks Store,” just to name a few. Of course, June presents Vacation Bible School ~ a favorite Monday through Thursday evening event filled with excitement and Bible teaching. Every Middler looks forward to Junior Camp in July ~ a full week of “getting away from the world and getting alone with God.” Middlers stay busy at Lavon Drive Baptist Church!

    Check-in for Middler “B” is located on the second floor of the Keyes Building, the two story building next to the playground. The group time is held in the Fellowship Hall on the first floor. At the close of the morning program, third and fourth graders are dismissed to their bus for the ride home.

  • Jr. B Department Leader: Doug Smith

    Pre-teen years can be some of the most exciting years in a young person’s life; at the same time, it can also be a time of uncertainty and apprehension. For this very reason, the Junior Department at Lavon Drive Baptist Church exists ~ to help fifth and sixth grade bus riders navigate through the “rough waters” of adolescence. With the Word of God as the Guidebook, dedicated workers desire to present clear directions for living a life pleasing and honoring to God.

    Each Sunday, pre-teens arrive by bus to Junior Church for a time of instruction and encouragement. Included with the clear plan of salvation is also practical teaching to help young people grow in their walk with the Lord. Sound doctrine and basic truths from God’s Word are the core elements in Junior Church. The fifth and sixth graders are kept together and well supervised by workers who have passed background checks and are clearly identified by their photo identification badge worn at all times.

    Throughout the year, pre-teens enjoy many special events. Roller-skating, pizza, “Kids’ Bucks Store,” and money cupcakes are just a few of the activities offered. Of course, Vacation Bible School and Junior Camp, both during the summer months, are highlights that no Junior age child wants to miss!

    They check-in to Junior Church in the Real Life Room located on the second floor of the East Wing directly behind the Worship Center. At the close of the service, they are dismissed to their buses.

  • New Christians Class for “B”

    Class designed to teach basic spiritual truths to children who are new believers and have been reached through the bus ministry. The workers contact new converts and encourage them to attend this special class. Class meets for 5 consecutive weeks with instruction designed to explain baptism and reinforce the basic biblical teachings which led them to salvation. Class size is limited to 15 children and is held numerous times throughout the year during the church hour. They meet in the McCartt Academy Building in Room 6.

  • True Teens Teen Church Department Leader: Tom Lord

    Scores of teenage young people attend the True Teen Ministry of Lavon Drive. This special service for all teens that arrive by bus takes place each Sunday in the Coleman Center. True Teens is divided into men and ladies groups for maximum effectiveness in teaching. Each worker that serves in this ministry has a special burden for the young people arriving by bus. Relevant teaching ministers to teens coming from broken homes and challenging life situations. With the goal of seeing teens grow up to serve Christ, True Teens has been blessed to see young people become young champions for Christ with a number now serving in ministry at LDBC as adults or preparing to serve Him at Bible College.

  • Dealing Centers Department Leader: Gwen Avery

    Many of our bus riders that attend our services come to a saving knowledge of Christ. For those that choose to respond at the invitation time, they are dealt with one on one by a trained counselor concerning their spiritual need. Three Dealing Centers are on campus providing special attention to each age group. The Primary and Middler Dealing Center is located in the Helen McCartt Library in the MAC building. The Junior Dealing Center is located in the Band Hall of the 2nd floor East Wing while the True Teen Dealing Center is located in the Coleman Center, Room 208. Special care is given to make sure that these young people are given clear instruction concerning salvation and other spiritual matters. The Dealing Center staff also help with follow-up and enlisting new converts for the New Christians Class.